A Family Date with History

My mission: To go on 60 dates with friends & family to celebrate my 60th birthday

Various surveys over the last few years have shown family time spent together is as low as three hours over an entire weekend. Between work, household demands and creeping fatigue, families often turn to non-active togetherness such as watching TV or a cinema trip.

So figuring out how I could go on a date with my gadget-loving husband and video-game playing son, the number one criteria had to be a date outside the home. I wanted something active, educational and linked to British History.

I decided on a date to Danebury Hillfort, followed by a visit to the Iron Age Museum in Andover. To my surprise both places were free entry. So ignoring the moans and protests, dragging both away from their computers, I drove us to the site in Hampshire where the hill rises up above the surrounding chalklands.

Rule 1: Arrange a family date away from home

After parking the car, we climbed the path to the hillfort to find the grassy rampart, all that remains of the settlement from 550 BC. We walked the entire circle which once protected several hundred people from neighbouring invaders.

En route, I talked about hillforts and their significance to British History.

My son told us the early fortification was destroyed sometime before the invasion of Julius Caesar (55 BC). I looked at him suspiciously; was he gleaning knowledge from his phone? His indignant protest included visual proof of phone in pocket. He studied Danebury, he said, as part of his classics course at university.

A Family date with history
Danebury Hillfort, reconstruction drawing by Karen Guffogg

We stopped to imagine the timber faced ramparts, virtually impossible to attack, the wattle and daub huts where the iron-age people lived and traded. We wondered if animals would have been corralled outside the fort, unlike the sheep who wandered freely over the hill with us.

Rule 2: Gather some information about the place before you go

We left Danebury Hillfort and headed to the Iron-Age Museum in Andover, only a few miles away.

Once a Town House, the museum holds many of the items excavated from the hillfort. Entering the exhibition we were greeted by a Iron-Age warrior in full armour.

A family date with history
Iron-Age Warrior – takes you back in time

His shield made of wood, a helmet made of leather and a long spear with a nasty looking iron head. By his side, a sword made of iron. We discussed his battle worthiness, Jake having played many a videogame where battle armour makes a difference to the outcome.

Rule 3: Make sure the date relates to present day interests

The exhibition is set up to make visitors feel they are inside one of those wattle and daub huts, with a cooking pot on a fire in the centre of the room, where smoke could escape through a hole at the top.

We looked at the reconstructed oven and grain grinder. We read about how they made bread. The iron-agers also used grain to make porridge and beer. It’s fun to imagine they ate such things over two thousand years ago.

A family date with history
The Museum of the Iron-Age, Andover

We discovered the people of Danebury traded as far away as Italy, importing wine and figs in exchange for metals, hides and slaves.

As we left, I asked my two how they enjoyed Danebury and the Iron Age Museum.

Husband said it for us all.

“Hidden gems”.

Moral of the date: Family outings are fun

With many thanks to Brian and Jake for making such a special date with me.

Dates completed 7/60

*Picture of the aerial view of Danebury Hillfort courtesy of Hampshire County Council, Central Countryside Sites

*Picture of Danebury Interior courtesy of Historic England.

*Pictures from inside the Iron-Age Museum courtesy of Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Next – a Date with a religious site.

Follow me to find out what happened.



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    singer who caused the downfall of a hitherto respectable schoolmaster (played by Emil Jannings), in the UFA Paramount co production of
    The Blue Angel (1930). Josef von Sternberg directed the film and thereafter took
    credit for having “discovered” Dietrich.
    The film is also noteworthy for having introduced Dietrich’s signature song “Falling in Love Again”, which
    she recorded for Electrola and later made further recordings in the 1930s
    for Polydor and Decca Records.. I Tip extensions

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    She was featured on the single “Last Night” by Diddy from his album Press
    Play which also ended up being on her second LP.
    The recording of the album was documented on the second
    season of her reality TV show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is”.
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    and gives her a sexually transmitted disease. She forgives him after he saves her
    from another predator who is trying to rape her, but the situation was staged by Daniel
    Romalotti (Michael Grazaidei) to make Kevin look like a hero.

    Lily and Daniel begin dating, to their parents’ dismay.
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    I Tip extensions Net+ is a good start. It teaches you some basics
    and is a place to go for people with little or no networking experience.
    Once done, it a reasonable prep for the ICND1.

    Personally I think the real problem is accussing the general public that they have an issue with breastfeeding.
    Quite frankly it not the general public or every woman who ever publicly breastfed would be facing negativity, not just isolated incidents.

    No one has issues with bottle feeding photos because women who
    bottle feed do not stop traffic and sit in the middle
    of the street to feed their child and take pictures to make a point.
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    When she was 9, her mother was in a serious car accident that Haddish links to her mother
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    her siblings until all five kids were placed into foster
    care before they were able to move in with their grandmother.
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    (he has done work for me before and does good work). He asked $12k to finish what the other guys started.
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    floor to bring it up to code, redo the framing issues
    that they caused under the floor and the rest.
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    been replaced with wishing we had more time to spend there.

    My friends and I continue tomoan about laundry and dirty bathrooms,
    butwe also check out the wares creative momssew
    and sellon Etsy. We “pin” decorating ideas and dream of ways we can inexpensivelyimprove our homes.
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    campaigns to restructure our broken ass system, on par with the bloodless government overthrow that created our
    current Constitution.Now if I could just find some rich slave owning white guys to champion a very
    calm, quiet government overthrow.Boil two dozen Grade AA eggs (chicken, not duck or
    anything else).Peel half of the eggs. Cut runes into the whites.Place the other
    half unpeeled into a blender with exactly three
    ounces of RC cola (Coke works in a pinch, Pepsi does
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    and Meloidogyne arenaria.[7][8]The young mushrooms, before the gills start to turn black, are edible.
    The taste is mild; cooking produces a large quantity of liquid.
    It can sometimes be used in mushroom soup with parasol
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    Wants to Be a Millionaire with your MIL. You have observed her biting off the head of
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    channel is often running in the background all day long.

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    possible for children of inter faith marriages to turn out more Jewish
    than the average Jew). 1 point submitted 3 months agoYes,
    it is possible that his children will have a Jewish identity.
    And I agree that “it possible for children of inter faith marriages to turn out more Jewish than the average Jew.” The
    problem is that they will not be Jews. human hair wigs

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    these masks. The other materials that I used will be in the
    upcoming steps and I will point them out. Some steps
    can more than likely be modified for ease, but this was my first time making masks, so
    I had to learn the hard way! Plaster of Paris (aka, MAGIC/LIFESAVINGSAUCE)
    Vinyl spackling (probably not necessary, in hindsight) Masking tape Newspaper Plaster wrap Model MagicStep 1: Forming the Masks.
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    cheap wigs human hair Flair your posts; Do not
    use the flairs “ModPost” or “Recurring” as they
    are reserved. If you edit content in a significant way, specify where you edited it.
    Follow Reddit content policy. My 5 year old daughter cried
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    She is extremely sensitive! We love and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.
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    human hair wigs In WoW my warrior can equip robes, shirts, etc as appropriate, not the case in GW2, and it sucks incredibly hard. Town clothes did mitigate this. But then they threw it in the bin for no good reason. The game is large enough that you will find people of all stripes, inluding guilds where someone dad who still doesn fully get the game is a regular, but also tryhard 18 year olds who believe their time is too valuable for you. No matter what you end up playing, you always have to wade through a bunch of douches to get to cool people. 5 points submitted 3 days ago. human hair wigs

    wigs online He read Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky” in a heavy Cuban accent (he pronounced it “Habberwocky”). Desi Jr., played the drums and, supported by the SNL band, Desi sang both “Babalu” and another favorite from his dance band days, “Cuban Pete”; the arrangements were similar to the ones used on I Love Lucy. He ended the broadcast by leading the entire cast in a raucous conga line through the SNL studio.. wigs online

    human hair wigs To achieve the desired look, men would shave their heads and women would wear their hair in cornrows or plaits. Human hair was then attached to the plaits using a knotting method or thread. Women would wear their hair in braids or curly styles. 8 points submitted 2 months agoDude, you need to throw your stuff on YouTube. I don know personally how to obtain a viewer base and actually know very little about how YouTube works by paying for views of how to even produce stuff, but in my amateur opinion, you could probably make at least a few bucks to make up for the time and effort you put into stuff like this.I only frequent this sub on occasion and I knew this was from you before even checking because the content was solid, humorous, and well done.So continue to do what you do, keep up with the grind of 2K, and hopefully I see you explode into YouTube fame like our friend Logan Paul. Actually, no. human hair wigs

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    or women at which judges select. Lace Wigs

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    And I also feel that this former former wife of his will just away a great deal of the extra money
    she is trying to grab I said before: he is not a beat father I truly believe he will be there for them in terms of education such as universities, and many luxuries such as cars,
    homes, trips and all the goodies. This monthly allowance is allocated for basic
    expenses Bet anything he has a WILL that includes ALL his children How could any
    of you Mommies out there justify $ll3,000 a month totaling $l56,000 unless there is a vendetta against him which there may
    well be But this is not about the needs of the children, it all about her she is
    using the kids as pawns. There have been plenty of scenarios in which minors come into an inheritance and an executor (usually a lawyer or accountant) is in charge of doling out funds.

    360 lace wigs In 1873 a new, more liberal, stock exchange act was passed, separating the trade in securities and commodities.
    A separate Warsaw Commodities Exchange was founded in 1874.
    Central Europe was subject to a big bull market
    after the Prussian Franco War of 1870 1871, followed by a harsh crash
    starting at the Vienna Stock Exchange in the later 1870s.
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    me. This might be that yellow beasts get plowed over (even in t15) before I realize
    they even there.I want more beasts, I want a portal that
    opens to Einhar Nightmare or some other edgelord name that is just full
    of awful beasts in an arena ready to rip my head off (or
    you know, be captured). I think beastiary mechanics have a
    lot of potential, but right now the frequency of beasts
    in maps is far, far to low. costume wigs

    wigs for women It plays an important role of how we
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    Our hair is our business card, our bumper sticker that tells
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    Capaldi’s part consisted of being in a team of researchers from the World Health Organization. In the film there is both zombie attacks and
    a virus outbreak and part of the plot involves finding the origin of the virus in order
    to stop. Perhaps it was an ironic foreshadowing to his own future
    role as the twelfth doctor.. wigs for women

    hair extensions I don think there anything benign about misconstruing a point
    that was quite clear in the first place. I say it was pretty
    aggressive on your behalf when what you said was blatantly not
    true that she “screamed”, which she definitely did not. In between her “screaming” and her being with a touch of hyperbole thoroughly quiet,
    my representation of what happened in the film was a lot more accurate than yours..
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    costume wigs No guarantee of a girl or a third boy could have swayed
    me to have another!How far would you be willing to go
    to have a child of each sex? Three, four even more?I found it the most annoying thing ever when I was newly pregnant with my
    third child and had 2 daughters always said, you hoping for that boy,
    huh? Or if it a girl, are you going to keep trying for a
    boy? NO! How about we are having out third child because we have ALWAYS
    wanted 4 children, regardless of what the sexes were.
    I felt like people were already predicting that I be sad
    or that I would feel like my family was incomplete or imperfect because I didn have both sexes.
    That third child did end up being a boy, but I was actually shocked and terrified at the news!
    I had no idea how to take care of a boy! We did end up
    stopping after him (hubby just got a vasectomy last month) but not because we got our boy body starts to shut down during pregnancy, so a fourth would have been too risky.

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    similar to her character Paige Morgan. Critic Scott Foundas said while
    she was, as always, “irrepressibly engaging”, the film was a
    “strange career choice for Stiles”.[12] This echoed criticism in reviews of A Guy Thing (2003), a romantic comedy with Jason Lee and Selma
    Blair. Critic Dennis Harvey wrote that Stiles was “wasted”[13] and
    Stephen Holden called her “a serious actress from whom comedy does not seem to flow naturally”.[14] In 2005, Stiles was cast
    opposite her co star Liev Schreiber in The Omen, a remake of the 1976
    horror film. cheap wigs

    wigs online At that time the English and French were
    at odds, and the English were attempting to deny the French access to the Empress
    by allowing only women and children to cross the border
    into Russia. D’on had to pass convincingly as a woman or risk being executed by the English upon discovery.
    In the course of this mission, d’on was disguised as the lady Lea de Beaumont, and served as a maid of honour to the Empress.
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    A typical episode of Springer begins with
    a title card warning parents that the show may contain content inappropriate for
    children. Springer then enters the stage by sliding down a stripper pole, being greeted by a
    standing audience (made up of mostly college
    students) pumping the air with their right hand, chanting “Jer ry!, Jer ry!”.
    He then shakes hands with those in the front and, afterward, the audience settles down. wigs

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    piece suit with a matching pillbox hat adorned with a velvet ribbon band and
    red rose accent. Barbie wore a red cotton bodysuit blouse underneath
    the suit. Included in the ensemble were black open toed shoes and long
    black tricot gloves.. hair extensions

    wigs for women And Canada, where it has often been used as a
    bushplane. Because of their reliability and robustness, several operators have continued to
    use the type to conduct scheduled passenger service between airstrips in Western countries; one example of such
    use being the air service between the North Sea islands
    of Sylt and Fhr. As of 2015, there were thousands of
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    294 in Kazakhstan and 54 in Ukraine.[3]. wigs for women

    U Tip Extensions Though I felt sick to my stomach about spending $340 my family could have used elsewhere on something
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    demand rectitude. In the same way we’ve come to cringe at
    the image of Black minstrelsy, like the “dandified coon”
    initially popularized in 19th century Vaudeville, offensive
    Asian impersonations ought to be rejected
    with equal distaste and fervor, even if the performances omit exaggerated accents.
    Both types of shallow imitation allow racial stereotypes to spread for the sake
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    cheap wigs Never knew what happened to him until I read an article some time back.
    Years ago, the House of David was a Great Empire. My mother would take
    me every week to the Dairy in Benton Harbor
    for milk and Butter milk. This prospective form of
    settlement was prevented by a coup d’tat which shifted
    power from Parliament itself to the Parliamentary New Model Army,
    controlled by Oliver Cromwell. The Army had King Charles I
    executed and for the next eleven years the British kingdoms operated under military dictatorship.
    The Restoration of King Charles II produced a reaction in which
    the King regained a large part of the power held by his father;
    however, Charles’ ministers and supporters in England accepted
    a substantial role for Parliament in the government of the kingdoms.
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    360 lace wigs I miss the Cosby show. It was probably the last time
    I liked any sitcoms at all. I hope that ANT farm works out well for
    your kids; we totally given up on sitcoms, as my parents did.
    My parents let me watch when I was 5 years old, clearly not a kids movie!
    Big mistake. I will never watch it again and cannot go swimming in the ocean to this day (I 37 now!).
    Please don make the same mistake with your kids! Sensor carefully what they watch and be aware of their
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    Lace Wigs If no candidate wins a majority, then the individual with the fewest votes
    is eliminated, as are any other candidates who receive less
    than five percent of the votes cast. The
    House continues to vote, for several rounds if necessary, until one member receives the requisite majority.
    Then, the House votes on a formal motion to appoint the member in question to the Speakership.
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    wigs In the animated series he used the bazooka, and is seen with Callahan. Tackleberry’s bazooka was often used for comic violence rather than destruction, an example being on an undercover job as an ice cream salesman, then loading the ice
    cream into his bazooka to cover the escaping crooks in a mess.
    In the “Team Tack” episode of Police Academy: The Series, Tackleberry
    was a captain, and mentions his wife Kathleen was one as well.

    costume wigs I think it even worse when folks try to tell you you OCD, cause you organize your 1600 CDs or several hundred books.
    I spend ages trying to find a CD or book regularly if I
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    ice hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan. They
    are members of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League
    (NHL) and are one of the Original Six teams of
    the league.[1][2] There have been 27 head
    coaches in franchise history; three during the era
    of the Detroit Cougars (1926 1930) and Detroit Falcons (1930 1932) and the rest under the
    Detroit Red Wings (1932 present). Six Red Wings
    coaches have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as players: Jack Adams,
    Sid Abel, Bill Gadsby, Marcel Pronovost, Ted Lindsay,
    and Brad Park, while two others as builders: Tommy Ivan and Scotty Bowman. costume wigs

    U Tip Extensions Most significantly from an autobiographical vantage at least ZG’s fifth issue (labeled no.
    3 of 1981) would alert me to the existence of Real Life magazine,
    the other consistently adventurous alternative art publication of the period, by way of an article written by its editor, Thomas Lawson. Lawson was an expatriate Scot
    who moved to New York in 1975 and enrolled at CUNY’s Graduate
    Center to avoid visa problems. U Tip Extensions

    clip in extensions Lucy misses the boat and has to be
    lowered to the deck of the cruise ship, the USS Constitution, from a helicopter.
    They sail across the Atlantic, where Lucy has to
    settle for being partnered with a young boy to play games on deck but
    together they win a ping pong trophy. She also manages to get stuck in a porthole..
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    full lace wigs The Ward Singers began touring nationally in 1943, following
    a memorable appearance at the National Baptist Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, earlier that
    year. Henrietta Waddy joined the group in 1947, after Willa Ward retired.
    Waddy brought to the group a “rougher” alto sound and
    the enthusiastic stage manners learned from her South Carolina church background.
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    underwear, dungarees, big xmas jumpers etc. And this bag of clothes is passed around a circle until the music stops, and the person holding the bag has
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    obviously). This carries on until all of the clothes are worn, and the winner is the person with
    the fewest items of clothing on. human hair wigs

    tape in extensions Like I mentioned, I have no problem if people
    use that phrase or similar ones in the comments of their posts.
    Overall my goal with this post and with the rules I drafted are to improve the quality of the sub.
    Not that the sub right now is bad quality, just that I feel like everyone would benefit if we
    all hold ourselves to a higher standard. tape in extensions

    wigs online In Paris, she meets Charles Boyer who has been warned by Ricky
    not to admit who he is because Lucy is so star struck; Boyer
    takes his advice when Lucy corners him and claims
    he is Maurice DuBois, an out of work actor. Ricky has feigned jealousy about
    Lucy’s obsession with Charles Boyer so she hires “DuBois” to impersonate Boyer and pitch woo to her
    in front of Ricky so she can reassure him with her
    total lack of interest. She coaches “DuBois” on Boyer’s “growl” and mannerisms, remaining
    unaware that he is the real Boyer until Ricky returns and lets
    the cat out of the bag.. wigs online

    wigs for women If your bra gaps along the top, this is you.
    Look for bras that are soft and tapered along the top and stay
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    360 lace wigs Their skin texture is very smooth, and they camouflage themselves
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    The majority of the Founding Fathers were originally Federalists.
    Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and many others can all be considered Federalists.
    These Federalists felt that the Articles of Confederation had been too weak to sustain a working government and
    had decided that a new form of government was

    tape in extensions No hairlines or restoration. She is truly magnificent.
    Please ask if you need more photos. The cinematography was by Nicolas Roeg
    and the soundtrack was by Richard Rodney Bennett.

    He also used traditional folk songs in various scenes throughout the film.
    This engenders some disapproval from the local farming community.
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    hair extensions You’re wearing a t shirt and a cardigan? That shit might
    be good enough for Florida. It’s not going to cut it when the cold winds blow in the north.
    You better be wearing a cami and a shirt and a sweater under a jacket which is under a
    coat which is accessorized with a scarf and a hat and mittens Basically,
    check in the mirror before you leave the house. hair extensions

    wigs online Specializing in humorous monologues, Fabrizi commissioned material from
    his young protg.[14]Career and later life[edit]Retained on business in Rimini,
    Urbano sent wife and family to Rome in 1940 to share an apartment with his son. Fellini and Ruggero Maccari, also on the staff of Marc’Aurelio, began writing radio sketches and gags for
    films. In the wake of Mussolini’s declaration of war against France and England on 10 June 1940, Fellini discovered Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Gogol, John Steinbeck and William Faulkner along with French films by Marcel Carn,
    Ren Clair, and Julien Duvivier.[15] In 1941 he published Il mio amico Pasqualino, a 74 page booklet in ten chapters describing the absurd adventures of Pasqualino, an alter ego.[16]Writing
    for radio while attempting to avoid the draft, Fellini met his future wife
    in a studio office at the Italian public radio broadcaster EIAR in the autumn of 1942.

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    cheap wigs human hair In July 1972, a dispute involving
    the dock workers union led to five shop stewards being imprisoned in Pentonville Prison for contempt of court.
    Unofficial strike action in support of the Pentonville
    Five created a national crisis, only averted when the Official Solicitor (advised by John Vinelott, later a High Court judge) appealed the arrests
    to the Court of Appeal, who ordered their release.

    A dispute involving the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers also
    led to a finding of contempt of court, a substantial fine, and an order for the sequestration of the assets of the union (although the fine was ultimately paid anonymously)..
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    costume wigs I was projecting my anxieties onto my daughter.

    And along the way, i made it harder for her. All i can say is from my experience, its best to do
    what you can to build your child up however you can. I
    do not think there should be a ban of all guns. I do think that background checks and waiting periods are good things.
    I am willing to fight for my right to own and carry a firearm,
    but I also hurt deeply for the children who were brutally murdered by a criminal.
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    wigs for women That what it says to me. I don like seeing people
    I care about get eclipsed. I like it so much better when it my
    friend AND her kid(s).. The Charlotte W. Newcombe
    Foundation Scholarship is for “mature women.” The American Association of University Women offers money to moms returning
    to school after raising a family. The federal Pell Grant gives single moms free tuition assistance to attend any
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    hair extensions Hightower practices for his driving test
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    characters. Despite his gigantic size, Hightower has
    sometimes admitted that he lacks self confidence, such as when he tells Mahoney that
    he has not driven a car since he was twelve
    years old, and fears that he will bilge out of the police academy if he flunks the driving test.
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    Lace Wigs That a common complaint that I hear, that I perpetuating the
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    they are all fanatical worshippers of Gork and Mork, who take all of their
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    With the Cold War looming, Republic decided on a large
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    Fascinating! It seems like a lot of informational sources tend to muddle
    these details. I’ve gone so long thinking The Morrighan was the single
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    a great love for mythology/world religions and any chance to learn more is

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    try out for the cheer leading squad but get turned down. Ashley claims it’s
    because she’s “too pretty”.[8] They are antagonistic
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    wigs for women FYI, Phoenix is a DRAG city. I shocked there
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    Our guild used a few ways. wigs for women

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    I Tip extensions One of my favorite albums by any group was Vanishing Lessons by Tourniquet.
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    It was made with an extra guitarist who wasn in the band I believe, so the
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    of their material, so it ended up being just one album I really loved, which was a shame.

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    They went through all the motions, but it was all dead inside.
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    holding the same gun that Benny told him to go get?
    Teddy! Teddy rigged the elevator to go to the basement and got into character knowing that he
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    World War I served as a testbed for the use of the aircraft as
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    Lace Wigs Sam: You cannot truly adapt Douglas Adams to the screen because most of the joy and pleasure of Douglas Adams is
    in his observations and his take on life and how do
    you translate that into character and plot and action. What Max has done is take a lot of elements of the books that super fans of the books will be able to see
    in the show, loads of easter eggs throughout each episode that the fans of the books
    will get. But you don have to have read
    the books to appreciate the world that Dirk Gently in and that Max created.
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    wigs online The editor recounts how he called Runway for a reference on Andy, and got a
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